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Nov 14, 2022
Aug 18, 2011 at 10:37 PM
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Active member, Male, from Montreal

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Nov 14, 2022
    1. johnrain144
      Hey, I was hoping that you could help me with a few questions about your belt. I'm curious to know how secure it is because it's similar to the one that I'm interested in purchasing. Can you pull out of it? Is the anus hole effective when you have to use the bathroom for #2? Any feedback is appreciated.

      asslick likes this.
      1. asslick
        I would be really interested in the same info
        Dec 3, 2015
    2. JockeyL33
      I am liking the look of that belt. Only wish to own one like that someday!!
    3. gweny
      is that the belt you are wearing ?????
      latex_catsuit_doll likes this.
      1. latex_catsuit_doll
        Yes. Currently locked in it as in the video, but instead of a Sports Outfit, I'm wearing Levi's 510 Super Skinny Jeans and 20-hole knee-high 9663 Dr. Marten's Boots. Very comfy.
        Oct 23, 2012
    4. Missy Tanya
      Missy Tanya
      You look like a doll, and love you overview of what you like to wear. Now how about a picture or 10 showing us just how sexy latex is.. I have some and just luv it from time to time. Hugs Missy Tanya
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    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    My key is held by:
    by my sub
    Locked since:
    age 17 in high school
    Your chastity role:
    • Domme
    Chastity devices:
    T-3 Continuous-crotch Male Steel Chastity waistband belt with Butt Plug Slot & Fetish-Felix CS-100 hipband steel chastity belt.
    Chastity resume:
    3 years
    I'm a rubberist chasteboy from Montreal Canada. More precisely, a service latex doll. In the BDSM scene, into full waistband steel chastity belts, steel butt plugs all under a full body latex catsuit.<br /> <br />When clubbing in BDSM latex parties, over my 1mm thick full body latex catsuit, I'm visibly locked in a Full-Fledged steel chastity belt holding a 4-inch steel rattler butt plug and inside the penis protector tube, my cock slides into a 85mm Steel Anatomical Pear Drop Urethra Plug. Sometimes I'll opt to also wear a 14 pound chainmail steel skirt hanging down from my chastity belt's steel band.<br /> <br />This is my service outfit when clubbing at fetish parties under a 1mm thick full body latex catsuit, In more private dungeon parties while catsuited with the above outfit, I may also find myself to be mouth gagged with a Double Mouth Guard Gag under my Poppers Delivery Latex Hood.<br /> <br />When skating the trails, everything else being the same as above, but instead of wearing a full body latex catsuit, I'm butt-plugged -belted under a pair of tight pair of 3mm neoprene compression shorts, and instead of an aromas delivery hood, I wear a hard shell helmet, a mouth guard, and the usual protection equipment, obviously (in addition, my T3 chastity belt has the penis tube mounted on a thick genitals cup riveted on the crotch band, witch gives much better protection against shocks than plastic sports jockstraps held by stings).<br /> <br /> <br />
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