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Jun 3, 2011
    1. ale_sissy
      salve padrona io sono una aspirante sissy di roma :)
    2. bareasslover
      My cb-6000s is on order and should arrive some time next week. My Mistress is planning a party to show me off to her friends.
    3. slinch
      Un umilissimo saluto, Signora.
    4. mikecb3000
      Smiles, love the profile picture
    5. slinch
      Buongiorno LadySara,
      Ho appena risposto al Suo desiderasse, io sono qui a Sua disposizione. Di nuovo grazie, Signora.
    6. chastityslave62
      Hello LadySara
      as clinical nurse you like also a clinical treatment of your slave?
    7. LockedinCB6000
      Lady Sara, it's been a while, how are u doin'?
    8. LockedinCB6000
    9. madmed
      How is your training of your husband going Lady Sara
    10. LockedinCB6000
      Lady Sara, 1 week 24/7 lock up is enough for me to dedicate myself to Her. The teases she gives me make me very horny, giving me sore balls and very very longing for release. So i even try more to please Her and earn my release.
      She enjoys Her the orgasms i give Her, being locked up a lot
    11. LockedinCB6000
      Lady Sara how are things going?
    12. madmed
      Wish you luck in re training you husband Lady Sara.
    13. LockedinCB6000
      LockedinCB6000 . Lady Sara above you find a link for a chastity contract ithink you can use some or all of it to fix the rules he has to follow on Your command. Personally i get aroused by the idea one of my KH friends would be interested in my chastity lifestyle
    14. LockedinCB6000
      continued comment :... extra addedd time before release (how much time i don't know She decides). What i do know is after 4 days being locked it's getting itchy in my balls (looking at your picture ;-)) (so i guess it will be the same with him).Can You explain the rules You have to me please.
      Other people can't see my CB6000 under my clothes and i wear it 24/7
    15. LockedinCB6000
      Lady Sara as i understand it : Your husband is locked now 4days and he's asked You to give him an orgasm. But You are in charge he is not allowed to ask for an orgasm, he is not even allowed to know how long he's gonna be locked up. When i do this (and i don't anymore...) i'm let out of Her cage and edged (a few drops of relieve) and locked again + extra added time before rele.....
    16. toni
      Welcome to the site, Lady Sara!
    17. LockedinCB6000
      Welcome Lady Sara, about using a chastity device (cfr your last post) don't hesitate to ask your questions. As lot of the members here i'm locked up a lot (that's me in the picture ;-) ). Btw i like your picture alot. If you agree : i've added myself as a friend. Hope to chat with you later on.
    18. madmed
      Welcome to the Mansion Lady Sara
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    Sep 25, 1969 (Age: 53)
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