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Oct 5, 2017
Aug 23, 2010 at 7:41 PM
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Jan 15, 1969 (Age: 54)
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Secretly caged, 54

Locked up for the first time using CarliLock. You can vote on how long until I'm released here <a href="http://CarliLock.com/friends.php?wearer=l8xdreamer&st=1311549559" rel='nofollow external' class="su_links">http://CarliLock.com/friends.php?wearer=l8xdreamer&st=1311549559</a> Jul 25, 2011

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Oct 5, 2017
    1. l8xdreamer
    2. tcurionenj
      I'm looking for a relly comfortable metal cage. How's your ball sack? Do you happen to know how long the cage is? I'm a bit short for the CB3000
    3. l8xdreamer
      Bummer! Just found out that I'm actually able to pull out from my steel cage. Balls still trapped though, but it doesn't feel as secure anymore as I had hoped for :-(
      1. muzzledman
        i have the same device,best so far,nophysical problems.stop trying to get out,enjoy captivity-besides the device looks silly with cock hanging out & balls stuck haa.mm
        Nov 12, 2010
      2. c82agedboy
        u must try the 45mm ring
        Aug 9, 2011
    4. Miss Foxy
      Miss Foxy
      Håber at du finder ud af, at få det til at fungere - også med konen som deltager, det bliver det da bare 10x bedre af :-)
    5. l8xdreamer
      The new chastity cage arrived today. And it feels really great to wear...
    6. l8xdreamer
      Waiting for new chastity cage to arrive in the mail.
      1. quovismodo
        Which device are you waiting for?
        Aug 29, 2010
      2. l8xdreamer
        It's another steel cage with rings instead of bars. Posted a picture in my gallery since I can't show it in this comment.
        It has a bigger scrotum ring but seems to use same locking mechanism. So I hope to be able to use both devices with the bigger ring.
        Aug 29, 2010
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    Jan 15, 1969 (Age: 54)
    Home Page:
    Chastity devices:
    2 different steel chastity cages, details in my gallery
    I'm a happily married, straight guy in the early forties. I have a great passion for latex and dom/sub games, bondage, etc.<br />
    <br />
    I have for a long time had a secret fantasy about being locked in chastity. Finally on august 19, 2010 I took the first in the journey from a fantasy to a real life experience: I bought my first chastity cage. 3 days it arrived in the mail and only a few hours later it was locked on me for real.<br />
    <br />
    My next step on the journey will be to decide if this is really something I want and let my wife in on this little secret.
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