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    1. A1HOTROD
      hey I got some good story Ideas for ya but they are real
    2. A1HOTROD
      thanks for adding me as a friend
    3. tatjana love
      tatjana love
      As a firm believer in Female Supremacy, i must say that i adore You Miss Jen! Love Your great work. i wish You all the joy and pleasure You desire through Your submission.
    4. mstrbtradict
      Sorry i missed Your attempts to contact me this morning.
      Maybe another time. You seem very interesting. Very very interesting.
    5. Sissy Gabriella
      Sissy Gabriella
      Thank You so much for adding me to Your friends Mistress jennifer. I adore Your profile here
      I kneel for You
      sissy gabriella
    6. madmed
      Nice art work
    7. lidman
      Thanks for adding me. I'm looking forward to reading some of your work!
    8. alecia_ts
      Wow! incredibly HOT profile picture, Mistress!
    9. sissyrandi
      love profile! thanx for adding me!
    10. toni
      Love your captions, please keep them coming!
    11. lockedandlovingit
      You sound like a very interesting person with a unique profession. Good luck with your writing. I enjoy the submissive aspects of your work even though that is not a big part of my chastity experience.
    12. pachastity
      It is an honor to be friend with an artist
      On my knees - Thank you
    13. lockedandlovingit
      Love your pictures!!
    14. pachastity
      Your gallery is fantastic - thank you for letting me enjoy it - it is high-level art..
    15. limsub
      Hi nice profile
    16. slave_nemo
      Thanks for the friend addition. And I love your captioned photos, too. I'm not into cross dressing but I am into humiliation. So your photos do get my attention. [smile]
      I would love to see more!
    17. slave_nemo
      Love your captioned photos! Keep'em cumming!
    18. Slave686
      Hi Jenn - nice artwork - welcome!
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    Oct 2, 1978 (Age: 44)
    Home Page:
    In addition to being a writer, I am a submissive who has lived with and been loyal to a Master for the last nine years. I use my submission to fuel my writing and recently I've tried to delve into the intricacies of male submission (the topic fascinates me). Mostly I find the aspect of male feminization and the process by which the male &quot;thinking&quot; and desires can be changed to be more subservient and feminine to be most interesting and exciting. I would love to talk with people of all genders, both subs and Doms, who have insight into this area. I'll try to post some of my fantasies and I hope to post some captioned photos which reflect my feelings on both female and male submission and chastity.<br />
    <br />
    Personally I have only been kept physically chaste for short periods of time until I was trained to understand both my use of my sex organs and my orgasms are for my Master to grant. Now I simply control myself, which isn't hard considering my Master loves to use me and make me behave sexually in front of others. Still though, I struggle to completely understand the effects of chastity on the male submissive, I guess because males seem so much more sex-orientated than females in general to me. I always feel it must be far worse than the chaste experiences I had.<br />
    <br />
    Thanks<br />
    Jen<br />
    <br />
    You may contact me if you wish at and my website is at
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