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Sep 7, 2014
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Well-Known Member, Male

After some recent issues. Irritation on scrotum rubbing on cage, and using wrong ring size (pop outs/ pain) I am locked up again. Jul 23, 2017

    1. GT-CB6000
      After some recent issues. Irritation on scrotum rubbing on cage, and using wrong ring size (pop outs/ pain) I am locked up again.
    2. proximacentauri
      I got the Chinese full belt. Good news is that the no ball ring part is great. Bad news is that the chain in the back that goes between the legs is lose so it's easy to slip out of. I haven't worn it too much yet ... Family visiting. I'll be using it next week onward 24/7 after modding it a bit. Then we'll see... But this is mostly a toy. Not much for security.
    3. GT-CB6000
      Haloween what a wonderful time!!
    4. GT-CB6000
      6k model. I have never agreed on the blackmail, She took video of our T&d session and is using that as blackmail unless I pay $$.
    5. MistressAlex
      I see you are locked up and blackmailed, are you wearing the cb3000 or the cb6000 ?
    6. GT-CB6000
      Over 50 and just getting into the chastity scene. I have 2 belts a CB3000 in avatar, and a knock off CB6000s.
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    Your Role in the Chastity Lifestyle:
    • Submissive
    • Sissy
    Chastity Devices:
    CB 3000, CB6000s, several knockoff Stainless Steel devices. Ghost by Custom Chastity
    Chastity Resume:
    May 1,2016
    Single parent. New to this site and chastity scene. First purchase was CB3000, second was CB6000s. I like the fit of 6000 cage with the hinged rings of 3000 model. Now locked in a stainless steel jailbird knockoff.


    Any help in resetting this ticker?
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