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Seeking Mistress/Keyholder, Male, from Canberra

Hockey season is about to end, so full-time lock will commence Sep 10, 2017

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Viewing thread Wanted - MM Jailbird Base Ring + Security Screw with Key, Aug 14, 2020 at 11:45 PM
    1. gnb69
      Hockey season is about to end, so full-time lock will commence
      1. Colleen1986
        Given we are in opposite hemispheres, you may be talking about ice hockey, but is this a reference to field hockey, which I understand to be a male sport outside the US.
        Sep 10, 2017
      2. gnb69
        Yeah I was referring to ice hockey. Not huge in Australia compared to the Northern Hemisphere but we play down here.
        Sep 11, 2017
    2. Giles Webster-Griffiths
      Giles Webster-Griffiths
      I have always wondered who else in Australia have our we live in reality, social and behind closed doors...look us up sometime on Chastity Mansion
    3. gnb69
      Trying to push my current lock-up through to the end of September (at least).
    4. gnb69
      Somewhat disappointed with the fakes out there........
      X.Cucked4love.X and RGL like this.
    5. gnb69
      Just milked himself for the first time and will stay locked for at least another week
    6. gnb69
      Taking steps forward
    7. gnb69
      finally back on track, new device arrived and I'm locked agin.
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    Lori's 2B
    Mature Metal Jail Bird
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    26 Aug 2016
    There's a part of my life that I have kept to myself for too long, but is time that I open up to the world so here goes............

    I'm a single submissive guy genuinely looking an experienced FEMDOM Mistress, particularly one with a keen interest in enforced chastity and long term orgasm denial, who may be looking for a sub to chastise, train, use, own and control as she pleases.

    While I am fairly inexperienced, I have been experimenting with some aspects of BDSM on my own for some time now, mainly chastity. I'm genuinely interested in exploring further, experiencing much more, and learning other aspects of the lifestyle through the guidance and training of a strong controlling Lady. I am committed to submitting to and obeying the commands of a Mistress and fulfilling her needs and desires, and I am willing to experiment with most anything that a Mistress would require of me. I'm extremely interested in heavy bondage, all things rubber and leather, hoods, gags, sensory deprivation, obedience training, humiliation, strap-on/anal play, CBT and an interest in exploring toilet training. I do have some things I would currently consider my limits, but with the right guidance and training, these may be tested. I wish to serve and obey a Mistress while she teaches, trains and controls me, pushes me further, exploring my boundaries and uses me as her toy to practice her skills.

    I have a particular interest in enforced chastity and long term orgasm denial, and have been trying to push my lock up times to longer duration's, however, I still have some moments of weakness...... I have a strong desire to be forced into long term wear with times between release to be totally beyond my control. I have now realised that in order to be truly be pushed, I need to hand control, and the keys to my device over to another.

    I have owned a CB6000 and a CB6000s in the past, however as I experienced difficulties with these devices, I have since moved onto custom devices, and now have a Ms Lori's 2B and Mature Metal Jailbird. I would like to find a Mistress interested in taking complete control of that area of me for her amusement, and to push me further than I can on my own.

    If things were to work out, I would eventually like to let a Mistress take further control and have me measured for a full stainless steel My-Steel belt, which I would be willing to purchase. Mistress would then be able to force me to wear a full stainless steel belt for extended periods. I would also be interested in discussing other options such as a large gauge PA piercing which could be used to secure me to other devices maybe even eventually leading to permanent wear.

    At this stage in my life due to various vanilla elements getting in the way there would still be a few things needed to be discussed, however I do have a few things in mind already to help potentially overcome these, and would be happy to provide more details.
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