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Mar 7, 2018 at 10:30 AM
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sub CD, mtf (ish?) seeking keyholder, from Oregon

But that's okay. I learned a lot about myself. Like... I'm pansexual. Who knew? And that I need a Keyholder who is actually VERY dominant... Jun 13, 2020

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Jun 13, 2020
    1. DrChastity
      But that's okay. I learned a lot about myself. Like... I'm pansexual. Who knew? And that I need a Keyholder who is actually VERY dominant...
    2. DrChastity
      Well, I'm free. Literally and figuratively. I broke up with my Keyholder/Master/boyfriend. So it's back to the search...
    3. DrChastity
      I've been locked for 15 days by my new KH (who's also my new boyfriend) with a min of 11 more. We met, and then he took charge. So dreamy.
    4. DrChastity
      Luckily I found my KH before this COVID-19 hit. I hope to stay locked for it's duration. My KY is also my boyfriend and Master. He's into it
    5. DrChastity
      My boyfriend's digging being my KH, finally! He loves Chastikey. I've been locked 15 days with 12 more min. He's also my Master.
    6. DrChastity
      Yes! Finally! I have a Keyholder, AND we've also started a Master/slave relationship with bdsm & CD aspects. He helped me accept who I am.
    7. b2please
      My wife and I are really benefiting from a book we just discovered – it’s by Ms. Rika. Uniquely dominant. The layer method she proposes and also her description of how DS does not require Sm and Bondage is quite helpful. She has a lot of good frameworks to help a woman customize their own version of DS It might be something your wife could get very interested in along with chastity.
    8. DrChastity
      I pleasured my wife while in chastity and she seemed way turned on. She said she wants more. I stayed locked. Is she coming around? Finally?
    9. DrChastity
      I've been playing with chastikey a fair bit lately and waaring fetish heels also.
    10. DrChastity
      I've trying a couple of social websites to meet someone to for some vanilla fun to start with but it's slow going. But I'm making progress.
    11. DrChastity
      Been considering the implications of not having a keyholder on my state of mind. Bet it's sub-optimal. Sure I'd perform better if I had one.
    12. DrChastity
      I'm still seeking a keyholder. My wife didn't take an interest. Bummer.
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    13. DrChastity
      Making some progress. Made an acquaintance with a local domme and amazingly, I'm making some progress with my wife. Slow, but progress.
    14. DrChastity
      I'm trying to post a new video but I can't get it to work. I never see an 'upload video' option.
    15. DrChastity
      I got two new cages in the mail today so I've been trying them out. They're wildly different from each other so we shall see.
    16. DrChastity
      Well, some of you fine people posted some good advice, I think. I would never proceed with another before clearing it with my wife, btw.
    17. DrChastity
      I'm going to start putting more effort in finding my keyholder. I know there's someone out there for me and I am so very ready to serve....
    18. DrChastity
      My wife has only become more sexually distant. I'm pretty bummed that I can't find a keyholder. I think i'd make a pretty decent slave. Grrr
      1. titaniumjones
        I suspect that her distance is due to how she views you. I'm guessing, in her mind, you are some sort of deviant or pervert. You need to change her view of your perversions (Yes, they are perversions) and show her the benefit and you cant do that by ramming your perversions down her throat.
        Dec 28, 2018
      2. titaniumjones
        I have been through a similar experience with my wife. To get past this we had to work on the intimacy first. Then you can begin to work on other areas of your kinky personality. This is not a quick fix situation. She may never be Mistress material. If you go Mistress hunting you may loose your wife. My recommendation would be to self lock and work on intimacy with your wife.
        Dec 28, 2018
    19. DrChastity
      I'm close to giving up trying to convince my wife to be my keyholder. I must find someone else. Which gets complicated. Hmmm....
      1. Ma’ams Slut
        Ma’ams Slut
        Sorry to hear that . I hope she eventually comes around for you and her
        Dec 24, 2018
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      2. LadyBlaze
        Why are you trying to convince her?! Is she actively trying to change you to not be in chastity? Just give her all the benefits of a man in chastity, don't have any orgasms, do everything she wants. Focus on her..
        Dec 24, 2018
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    20. DrChastity
      So it went pear shaped with my first ever Keyholder. Had not considered failing as a sub. But what a great personal growth opportunity.
    21. DrChastity
      Unreal. So as of 12am today, the state of my chastity is now determined by my NEW KEYHOLDER! Finding her only took 30 years. So worth it.
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    22. DrChastity
      I'm really hoping she say yes & decides to keep me locked up for far, far longer than I would ever imagine. That would be total bliss to me.
    23. DrChastity
      As I prep to ask my wife to be my KH, I've been trying to extend my time locked (I self-lock now (ChastiKey)). I'm up to 6 days, my new max.
    24. DrChastity
      Working away, locked up using Chastikey. Wearing the new fetish heels I just got. I should definitely order another pair in my wife's size
    25. DrChastity
      Just received some crazy sexy 6" platform stilettos with ankle straps. I'm hoping my wife likes them and makes me worship them, tongue only.
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    My key is held by:
    nobody now. I seek my Keyholder
    Your chastity role:
    • Submissive
    • Sissy
    • Slave
    Chastity devices:
    I’ve owned many but they’re all been ball capture style. I've decided to get a PA piercing based one since I now have a real KH and I really want to be inescapably locked.
    Chastity resume:
    I learned of chastity around age 15 & have yearned to be locked by my KH ever since. I just haven't found them. I've had only a couple of online goes, one 3 month in-person, but I'm ready for the real thing.
    I live in Portland, OR and have several top fetishes, but chastity has always been the main one. I've always wanted having my orgasms controlled and denied by my KH. I also have a strong fetish for wearing and/or worshiping extreme high heels. I'm into crossdressing, bdsm & I especially like wearing fetish outfits of all kinds.
    I've read a lot about a lot of you and you're such a nice, interesting, welcoming, friendly and diverse group of people!
    I've loved chastity since I was a teenager. I've had the very strong and frequent urge to be locked up in chastity under the will of a strict, demanding, creative dominant Keyholder for most of my adult life. I was convinced that it needed to be in the form of an FLR, but it turns out that I was overthinking things. So recently I started dating a man, and that was really fun. It lasted 3 months but it didn't work out as he was just too vanilla for me. He was a novice to chastity but he took to it quite quickly, so that part was cool. It just wasn't a great match in terms of the Dom/sub nature of the relationship. But at least I learned that I'm polysexual. I do think that I mostly prefer women but I keep an open mind as I grow and evolve.
    I'm not attracted to men, but if someone is into dominating and owning me and keeping me in chastity and exploring the same fetishes that I'm into, like I said, I'll keep an open mind. But I think my gut tells me that it's a woman I seek to serve, and actually that I wish to emulate. I don't know if I'm trans, and if I am, how far I'd go along that route. I know I would never have surgery, but I think I'd be willing to be feminized by my Mistress/Keyholder... I think I'd do whatever She wanted in the end.




    submissive mtf, but not sure to what extent I'll transition.
    Very feminine behind closed doors, would like to be kept locked in chastity and made to please my KeyHolder 24/7/365 while being feminized.
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