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    1. TradWife
      I don't know if you already have children (which is obviously an important factor) - but assuming you do and your wife is very vanilla (feminine, conservative, religious) I suspect that (like me) she would very much prefer a very chaste relationship.
    2. ChasteJase
      Learning and chatting and finding inspiration
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    self (hopefully wife soon!)
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    • Vanilla
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    Steel Chinese "Cage of Shame". White Mamba nano.
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    First tried on 1/27/2022. Wanting to get into this. Have to figure out how to navigate vanilla wife.
    Recently got into the idea of chastity just this year (2022) after deciding that my efforts to control masturbation and porn on my own are a fruitless battle. To be honest, it wasn't that long ago and I yet I can't think of the actual genesis for this journey. All the same, I have now bought 3 cages in the course of 2 months and am learning about what I like and need in that regard. None of the 3 have been the right one and I am thinking I need to invest in a custom cage (probably titanium) in order to avoid some irritation issues I have dealt with with the 3 "cheaper" cages. Then there is the issue of my wife. She is very vanilla but would be a great KH if she could accept the idea of all of this. She has no idea yet, but I did just tell her that I am giving up orgasms and masturbation for Lent and wanted to pleasure her with no O for me. She insisted on PIV sex for the first time in many many months (I don't think it was that confession that got her hot - so don't get too excited for me). So now I am just trying to give up Os by masturbation for Lent! I am now attempting to get that seed to root into a chastity situation but I think there is still a big question and issue as to how to introduce this to her. I think the big question will be why would I need some deviant device to control myself. I would love a FLR with her but even just having her control my O would be amazing. This will be the biggest sexual limb I go on with her and I really don't want to fall!
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