Uploading photos to Chastity Mansion

Photo Categories and Photo Upload rules

  1. When new albums are being created and Photos uploaded the member has to decide which Category the Album belongs to. There is a "Uncategorized" option for those albums that just don't fit in. However I strongly encourage you to make an effort to make the albums thematic - and not just a bunch of arbitrary photos... That will help us all:)
  2. All of the "old" albums is not categorized, and I strongly encourage you to go in and do that. At least pick the "Uncategorized", but much rather a category.
  3. You might find that your photos fits more than one Category. Please choose the one that covers the photos the best...
  4. If You miss out on an obvious category, please come forward And I will look into it, and most likely update the list of available categories. Just keep in mind that this is a Website about Male chastity and denial... The Categories is a work in progress and inputs are welcome!
IMPORTANT: Have in mind, that one day, not far from here, the entry to the Galleries will be a Category page, where people select from... So make sure you are there, in one of the Categories...


(The Categories subtext is also present in the description of th Categories)

Uncategorized There is no one of the current categories that really fits, so here you go:) Also if there are different categories present in the album - pick "Uncategorized" for a start. We strongly encourage You to only make albums with photos of one selected category. Make more albums instead.

First Steps into Male Chastity First steps Photos suitable for vanilla newcomers

My Device(s) Upload Photos of your cage(s), belt(s) etc...

Chastity, Branding and Jewelry Piercings, Tattoos etc... related to You Chastity Experience

Benefits of the lifestyle Upload your photos that expresses the benefits of the lifestyle... as an introduction to newcomers.

Heavy Experience In here You put photos of your lifestyle experience that you would not put in the face of a vanilla newcomer.

Feminizing, Training, Humiliation or Punishment Photos of your lifestyle experiences with Feminizing, Training, Humiliation or punishment

Teasing Teasing Photos. If Female nudity is present, It has to be of You or Your partner. No Wank fodder!

Female Lead Relationship FLR Photos of Female lead nature - from your real life experience

Cross Dressing, Cross Gender and Sissies Photos of Your Cross Dressing/Cross Gender/Sissy chastity experience

Dommes Photos of Dommes in action

For Sale Photos of items for sale


One or more photos in this album do not comply with the rules:

1. Avoid violation of copyrights. Upload your own photos.
2. Do not use CM as Cloud storage for your collection of arbitrary sexual explicit photos, that has nothing to do with Your own chastity experience. This site is about male chastity and denial and all the benefits that comes from that....
3. Multiple uploads of same motive...
4. A very high number of Photos. ( There will in near future be restrictions on the number of photos you can have here on CM. Link to photo collections located elsewhere....

Management will mark such and album "Questionable", no matter the category the user has chosen, and we will initiate a conversation with the member to solve the issues. At this point we will not just delete photos.
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