Using a male beast as a foot stool while I watch TV

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If you even dream of disobeying me you better wake up and apologise 34419 34298 Lucy, slave tamer The beta male always eats after the alpha female The male underclass belongs underfoot 33910 Using a male beast as a foot stool while I watch TV This is the correct way for a slave to clean heels, no dirty tongue and germs required. Good boy :) 33657 33613 33073 Training a slave Now, finally, you realise how insignificant you are next to the power of a Goddess All weak male bitches will cower in submission or be crushed Get down on your knees and beg!
In the album L-u-c-y
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  2. tdk34
    Im so proud a useless male slave could be of some use to such a stong Mistress, a lucky male.
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