Comments on photo id Presentation 2 in the album "other pics" created by Deleted member 75795

  1. MistressS
    Excellent hair removal
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  2. Jail Bird
    Jail Bird
    Pretty nails and love that padlock. So sissy!
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  3. NEsubhub
    Nice nails!
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  4. Junebug15
    Beautiful nails
  5. Sissycaitlin77
    Lovely nails company with that cage plus the lock pretty cute to.!!
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  6. missmissy
    Appears the pantyhose are defective? Large hole in front allowing the appendage out? So cute and lovely, nails are very nicely done, understated, but eye-catching just the same
  7. Deleted member 75795
    Deleted member 75795
    Thank You everyone! I do the nails myself and would love to paint MistressS's nails someday.
  8. Gina maid4panties
    Gina maid4panties
    Very the heart lock on your clitty cage.
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  9. danijean001
    So smooth and pretty and gorgeous nails❤️
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  10. Dutch Chastity
  11. SissySarahCD
    Bring made to display yourself as aSissy is so humiliating, but so exciting
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  12. Hairybear
    So very delicious,,,, so sexy with the pink nails and matching stockings, yummy
  13. Notaguynow
    Nice manicure. Very femme!
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  14. Deleted member 37616
    Deleted member 37616
    Such silky smooth legs! Love the whole outfit!
  15. Deleted member 96759
  16. Notaguynow
    Sissy perfection as ever! Looks like you might be needing a smaller tube? More good news
  17. sarah_tv
    Very feminine
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