Comments on photo id Kneel slaves. in the album "L-u-c-y" created by L-u-c-y

  1. Junebug15
  2. Guest 2271
  3. Yourcontrol
  4. ozzy-one
    So beautiful Lucy
  5. Yourcontrol
    Absolute perfection
  6. Guest 3972
    Guest 3972
    DAM Lucy xx
  7. chasteforwoman
  8. tdk34
    Looking good, thank you mistress lucy
  9. sissy molly
  10. chastebra
  11. Suzette la Soubrette
    Suzette la Soubrette
    Kneel, Miss Lucy? Oui oui, at once, Princess! All subservient boys kneel before You, our superior, our goddess, our ideal of femininity and sexual power. May I plant a little kiss on your pretty toes as a symbol of my obedience and respect?
  12. ThomasHB
    Amazing Lady
  13. torrie56
    Kneeling, goddess!
  14. inagadadavida
    I would love to be collared and leashed by You, Goddess.
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