Comments on photo id Inner struggle in the album "twisted mind and teasing!" created by cagedfellow

  1. MistressS
    Such a lovely shade of red
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  2. cagedfellow
    Yes @[62585:@MistressS] I agree! Sometime, I need a red ass like that too.
  3. Guest 1047
    Guest 1047
    I'm suspicious that this is some kinda rouge lol but no matter. Lovely red rosy cheeks. Could only be improved by a few cane welts.
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  4. cagedfellow
    @[71682:@bangedup] Let's get him a break, the punishment is not done yet. He still has to learn!
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  5. Guest 1047
    Guest 1047
    Of course. He has plenty of time to learn who's boss now. And every day should be a school day.
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  6. groken key
    groken key
    I think you really need to be paddled. thats to even.
  7. cagedfellow
    @[95832:@groken key] I effectively need a good correction to learn my place
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