Comments on photo id 40362 in the album "Mobile Uploads" created by Andy1955

  1. MistressS
    Just lovely well groomed too
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  2. Jail Bird
    Jail Bird
    Now that's a complete chastity system. Is that hard to put on?
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  3. Andy1955
    Very hard to put on and take off. Feels great when fitted properly.
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  4. MissyB
    how do you keep balls from sneaking back into body?
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  5. Andy1955
    My balls are slightly bigger than the holes in the ring so once in they are well and truly in and incredibly difficult to get out.
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  6. njcuckold
    I love the separated testicles!
  7. MissyB
    Wow, have to agree it looks super hot and controlled.
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  8. slvdanielle
    great look are the ball rings attached to the cage are are they separate rings-if u are allowed to wear tightshorts or yoga pants do you look like u have a huge camel toe slvdanielle
  9. Andy1955
    Glad you like the piccy. The ball rings are attached to the cock ring and the cage part is then fixed to the ring. Once on its very difficult to remove and yes it does look a bit like a Camel toe under tight jeans or lycra pants.
  10. TechDTS
    I need this cage for myself! Please share where you got it!?
  11. Andy1955
    Glad you like my cage - it's one of my favourites. You can purchase this from an Aliexpress seller called Happygo. Here is a link to the Happygo store. [URL][/URL]
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  12. TechDTS
    Found it! Thanks!
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