Comments on photo id 38128 in the album "L-u-c-y" created by L-u-c-y

  1. Doasuwishwithme
    Just... Wow
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  2. MissyB
    Sexy dress. You do have the figure for it tho.
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  3. Jack In A Cage
  4. Destiny103181
    I 2nd that WOW
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  5. Skyhigh
    What a lovely outfit and an amazing body. And your legs, my god, wonderful :-)
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  6. Cumschot
    Yes absolutely a amazing body
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  7. maid julie
    maid julie
    Fantastic that looks so hot and sexy on you.
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  8. tied balls slave
    tied balls slave
    It is my honor and pleasure, Mistress Lucy
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  9. subcuckold
    a real goddess
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  10. LockitMan
    You're obviously a very disciplined woman Miss Lucy. That is so very attractive in a woman. I have little doubt that you expect that in the men/women in your life. This too is to be admired. You're really quite inspirational Miss.
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  11. chasteforwoman
    Absolutely stunning picture.
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