Comments on photo id 30963 in the album "L-u-c-y" created by L-u-c-y

  1. steviepie
    such pretty shoes
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  2. SignifyingNothing
    Such pretty everything! You are amazingly attractive, Ms Lucy!
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  3. jandescdlocked
    Nice to see you in pantyhose Ms. Lucy. Wow!
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  4. frankie teardrop
    frankie teardrop
    Disobeying such a perfect Mistress would be unthinkable.
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  5. Slave to Wife
  6. Tommundelein
    Simple amazing perfection. pet can only kneel, place pet’s forehead to the floor, and wait for Mistress’s command. Bliss.
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  7. SignifyingNothing
    I couldn't agree more!
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  8. eunuch slave
    eunuch slave
    yes, the shoes are beautiful, however, the perfection of HER legs and feet is what makes this picture..."PERFECT!" it would be a blessing to become and permanently be HER butler!
  9. tristenfifty
    I only see the inner beauty, the superior energy and power of a more evolved being. It’s almost blinding
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  10. tdk34
    Looking absolutely gorgeous and a little bit hot.
  11. steviepie
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