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New Profile Posts

  1. permanentslave
    A little slow here. Spring weather finally really began here only 4 weeks late. Arrrrgh.
  2. Open to it
    Open to it
    My KH told another one of her good friends about our arrangement. She's enjoying how it benefits her more and more and wants to share it.
  3. Chastity slave nicky
    Chastity slave nicky
    Day 9 of permament chastity. I feel extremely horny and very obedient. I would do anything for goddess.
  4. Nicoftime
    She gave me the key to unlock this weekend. Got my ring in and I’m free as a bird! Now I just gotta behave till she wants to do something
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  5. Chastised
    I'm back in my bra and panties :-(
  6. chaste-inferior
    Proofreading erotica while locked in chastity, not one of my greatest ideas!
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  7. chrissie68
    Today is day 9. I'd forgotten how leaky my clitty gets......
  8. LesterBallard
    Very happily chaste
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  9. ineverknew
    ineverknew KimJac
    Welcome. Enyoy your stay. if you have any questions feel free to ask. :)
  10. Chastity slave nicky
    Chastity slave nicky
    Ill post the pics afterward. Showing my dedication and servitude to chastity and all my punishments that come with it
  11. Chastity slave nicky
    Chastity slave nicky
    My keyholder ex bbw goddess shawnee just messaged me I have to whip my back and cane balls until there both black and blue bleeding
  12. Chastity slave nicky
    Chastity slave nicky
    Hi everyone im new here but as I said on my profile my keyholder is my ex girlfriend and she moved out with the keys and said its permanent
  13. Muzzo4you
    "The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve." - Albert Schweitzer
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  14. KimJac
    New to this Chat, 40f
  15. Dying_2_Cum
    Any Dommes out there looking for male submissive?
  16. deniedboi83
  17. Strict Sir
    Strict Sir Kodama
    Is your wife showing interest this time?
  18. carlj
    carlj Goddess Gaia
    Goddess, are we still meeting on Sunday in Lancaster
    1. Goddess Gaia
      Apr 21, 2018 at 3:20 AM
  19. SaraLovesChastity
    Day 260 of chastity to my beloved Keyholder. i am soooo looking forward to life slowing down so i can serve Her in a manner befitting.
    1. PrincessK
      My patience is vast, My love. I hope that you know the extent to which I admire and respect the work you are putting in to build Us up.
      Apr 20, 2018 at 9:13 PM
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    2. Allen1987
      I have been working 6 days. I know how you feel. PrincessK, thank you for your words to her. To serve is the desire and the gift. Hope things do slow down, you two are awesome together:)
      Apr 21, 2018 at 1:33 AM
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    3. SaraLovesChastity
      Thank you so much for the lovely comments!
      Apr 21, 2018 at 6:04 PM
  20. Chastity slave nicky
    Chastity slave nicky
    Hi chastity slaves, sissy's, and the goddesses we worship and adore I'm glad to be apart of this site and the chastity life in a whole
  21. SmartandObedient
    Attempting to...and failing miserably at trying to...control myself and hold back the reigns...
  22. MommyKnows
    Just an attentive KH seeking one special boy for a forever home. :)
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  23. SmartandObedient
    Trying to figure out the best place to publish posts...sometimes it's hard to find a threat that's relevant...
  24. boi paul
    boi paul sotiny3
    nice chatting thanks
  25. Sexy Slave 69
    Sexy Slave 69
    Shaved caged and loving it