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New Profile Posts

  1. Madotsuki
    been a minute sense i've been on not that it matters lel but i'll be more active soonish
  2. Glychlock
    The PA went from a 8ga to a 6ga last night... Today I'm good; last night... Ouch!
  3. wastlander2002
  4. Chastitysub1964
    Chastitysub1964 Regina Rools
    New here not sure what tagged is or if im responding write
  5. jung-sklave
  6. Rickster
    I have been in chastity beginning of January 10 2017 by Mistress Angel at EmlaLock and I am at day 9 of ?? and Also Mistress Sue!
  7. GoddesssLara
  8. Wendygirl
    Good night enough excitement for one evening. Xx Wendy
  9. Apfel
  10. frankie teardrop
    frankie teardrop
    A disappointing end to it but at least the point got made. There does seem to be an immovable reluctance for some unfathomable reason.
  11. joe01
    "So you want to be a slave? Hope it doesn't surprise you when you wind up in shackles."
  12. Chastitysub1964
    Chastitysub1964 Catbond
    New hear, wasnot ignoring tag, just did notknow.
  13. locked_4_you
    Today is day 19 in lockup for my supervisor Regina.
  14. Toy trainer
    Toy trainer
    Hi new here enjoying reading other people's experience's
  15. njboyincb6000
    Absolutely addicted to Female Power.
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  16. elliot_r
    elliot_r GoddesssLara
    Welcome to CM Goddess Lara. Many great folks here and hope you enjoy your time here. Have a most wonderful time.
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  17. boisub
    Just ordered my JailBird! Now begins the serious anticipation...
  18. christyp
    trying a new chastity deviced
  19. Moe5
    For years my cock was my identity, now it is locked....YES!
  20. NsToy
  21. Catbond
    47th day without orgasm, 346 to go...
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  22. GoddesssLara
    Can't believe i just found a haven of like-minds...
  23. jshackleton2016
    finally home alone w/ kh w/o kids and she has no interest in playing. I would play w/ myself but have been caged for last 24 days. help!
  24. Regina Rools
    Regina Rools
    KH of hubby, locked_4_you, Jung-sklave
  25. Lockedtobegood
    Day 6 cum free. Locked up and can't get hard. Love the accountability of chastity.