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Naturist Club Chastity

Discussion in 'Member Fiction' started by richard, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. richard

    richard Locked as usual

    May 17, 2008
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    Naturist Camp.

    My wife, Kate, and I had gone on a naturist holiday a few years ago and had enjoyed it. The feeling of the

    fresh air gently airing our private parts. It was lovely.

    Anyway, we decided to check out our local sun-club. We went along one evening to give it a try. We were

    promised a free night. So what the heck. We went. We wondered if we would bump into anyone we new, it beng a

    very local club.

    When we arrived, we went to the office, stripped and placed our clothes in the locker provided.

    The lady owner introduced herself. I found my eyes drifting on to her pert breasts and her delicately cut

    brazilian. "We are a very open sub-club, very liberal. You may be shocked by some of our members but dont

    be. They are all nice people. Dont judge on appearances. We have a lot of members into Femdom and Maledom

    lifestyles. Though not so many maledom couples these days."

    "Dont worry we are quite liberal minded" we reassured the lady.

    And off we went in.

    A couple passed us. Obviously on their way out. I caught a glimpse of her, and my wife caught a glimpse of

    him. We both turned to each other in surprise "Blimey, did you see him/her?" we asked simultaneously.

    "No, what?".

    "She had what looked like a cock on a chain around her neck. It was so realistic I thought it was real for a


    "Maybe it was real then" my wife chirped in. "Cos he only had balls and a stump where his cock should be."

    We went further into the park and headed to the table tennis.

    Another couple invited us to join them. This time the man's cock seemed to be locked in a plastic tube.

    We started the game and between points had a chat. Eventually my wife plucked up courage and asked what the

    thing on his cock was. "Oh that's his chastity device" his wife replied smiling "it keeps him under


    After the game we headed to the bar to meet a few friends of theirs. At the bar were 4 more couples. All the

    guys had their penises locked the same as this one. I looked around the bar. Most men were in the same sort

    of device. There were a few other couples like us - unlocked.
    "What's the point of these devices?" I asked. "And why are so many guys wearing them?".
    "Isnt that obvious? It's to stop you wanking, cumming without permission or even having erections" one lady

    My wife mentioned the couple we saw when we came in.
    "Oh yes, Sharon and Tony, they had to go one better didnt they. She only cut his penis off to boost her

    "Did it work?"
    "yes, pretty much so."
    "You should see Alice and Nick. They are cool. They might be here soon".
    "Talk of the devil".
    My wife and I looked at each other silently and in shock.
    We were introduced to them. Nick first.
    Nick's groin was totally smooth.
    Then Alice.
    My Lord, dangling from a leather belt around her waist was Nick's former cock and balls.

    We had a few beers and got chatting to them. They all seemed nice people. They just had their kinks.
    Alice was saying that she thinks the reason she desexed Nick was simple. She believed in female supremacy and she wanted them both to make a political statement through the action. She didnt think that all women should do it to their partners. But if they wanted to they should. It was a good idea for some women to exercise that right.
    I wasnt sure who agreed with her but I have to give it to her. She does practise what she preaches.

    We left the place quite late and headed home fully clothed.

    "Well dear, what do you think?" Kate asked.
    "I enjoyed it. But It was a little odd. And you?" I asked.
    "I liked it. It was interesting to meet so many women in control of their lives."
    "You mean their partner's cocks."
    "And that. I must admit I did like a few things I saw. Maybe we should think about it for ourselves."
    "You are not getting me in one of those silly devices."
    "No not those. They are silly. We should do it properly like the couple we walked past."
    "What cut of my cock cand balls."
    "No not Alice. I dont want your balls. I want your cock."

    I went silent for a minute.
    "Well?" she said, breaking the silence.
    "How about we get one of those devices to try first and go from there."
    "Ok then. But just to break you in. And then later we cut it off."

    I went silent again.
    "Well, do you agree or not?"
    "I agree." I reluctantly added.

    For next trip to the sun-club I had joined the ranks of chastity device wearing males. Though for me it was
    a temporary measure.
  2. richard

    richard Locked as usual

    May 17, 2008
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    The Sun Club's Chastity Party

    It was advertised in the local paper and the internet about the Sun Clubs Chastity only evening. A group of 5 local young couples turned up.

    "Entrance for 10 and 5 chastity belts for the girls." Peter asked the receptionist.
    "Sorry sir, we dont have any female chastity belts. Just male ones."

    "What but the ad in the paper said, Chastity not male chastity."

    "yes, sorry sir it was a misprint."

    "Ok, everyone lets go home".

    "NO" interrupted Sharon.

    "Entrance for 10 and 5 male chastity belts please."

    "What the hell!" Peter retorted.

    "Come on boys, you were keen to lock us up and we were going along with it. Now the roles are reversed it's only fair."
    The other girls backed her up. "yes, yes, only fair"

    "Very well madam, 200".

    Sharon took Pete's wallet and handed over the cash.

    "It looks like we're in" Tania said smiling at her boyfriend Tony. "I cant wait to see your bits in a chastity cage. I've seen photos on the web but I cant believe that in a few minutes or so, my very own boyfriend will be wearing one and I will have his key."

    "Pervert" Pete called her.

    20 mins later all the couples were naked. And the boys cocks were securely locked.

    "Peter, Appologise to Tania for what you said before."

    "Why should I?"

    "I will give her you key if you dont."

    "I'm very sorry Tania!"

    "Good boy. Now Tania give his balls a sqeeze so he doesnt do it again."

    Tania took hold of his balls and had him howling. He was nearly crying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry".

    The girls and boys met and chatted to other members of the club and quickly realised that all the men here were permanantly locked. They met a few other newbies bt most were permies.

    In the changing room, Sharon announced "Boys put your clothes back on. We have had such a good time tonigh. The chastity devices arent coming off."

    They all returned to the sun club many times. And the boys all became permie wearers of chastity.
  3. richard

    richard Locked as usual

    May 17, 2008
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    The Naturist Show

    It was advertised nationally in the naturist clubs and was to be held on a enclosed grass area with elevated seeting. 1000 male volunteers from various sun/nudist clubs around the country. Their partners in the seeting watching the spectacle below. Wow, 1000 of them naked and displaying their wares.
    Scattered like sheep in no particular pattern.

    In the field were 20 gated areas. Then the western movie music started and 20 attractive females entered, also naked, except in their hands they carried cattle prods. To the sound-track of Chisolm the girls, manouvered the males into the holding pens. The gates to the pens were turnstyle type gates allowing entry only.

    Zapping a few butts, and thighs, the naked cowgirls took about 15 minutes before they had rounded their male cattle into the pens.

    The music then turned gentle, as each girl took one pen, and through the railings encouraged by threatening him with her prod, 1 male at a time into the processing pen at the end. His arms were pulled behind his back and he was hand-cuffed and then released back into the ring.

    25 minutes since the start of the show and the 20 naked female beauties had 1000 naked males in front of them, all hand-cuffed. The music upped tempo and the girls went chasing the men this time. Each girl was carrying a bag. It was ballbusting time. 20 girls in a frenzy grabbing and kicking the men's balls. As they were floored, the cowgirl drew frm the bag a rope which she attached around his balls. She took the other end of the rope to attach to the next man.

    15 more minutes passed and every steer had his balls connected to the next guy's balls. Finally one long rope was attached to the perimeter fence and one of the guys. And a long rope to the front guy. The 20 girls all grabbed the front rope. The front guy started to run, though impinged by his ballbusting and 2 roped attached to his balls. The rope in front of him was getting taut. One by one the men started to run as the ropes that linked them by their balls became taut.

    It was a clever trick as took 10 minutes before all the ropes became taut. The last man however being tied to a fixed item ran, as the rope unravelled he suddenly realised that he was attached to the fence by his balls. Within seconds the line of men came to a screaming schrill halt. The instant all the ropes went taut, the forward motion of the 20 ladies in front put a pulling force on the balls of 1000 men simultaneously.

    What a noise as 1000 men screamed a high pitch scream. The last man in line recieved a massive forward motion on his balls, but there was no give from the fence. His poor balls were torn off his body. And all the men hit the floor.

    They were given a few minutes recovery time before Auld Lang Sang started.
    The ropes were pulled over to the entrance, and each man was untied and placed in a chastity belt. The key for the cuffs and the chastity device were hung around his neck so his partner could get hold of it easily and they were released.

    An announcement was made.
    "Ladies of the audience. I hope you enjoyed the show your men and our girls put on for you. Our 20 cowgirls today have taken 1000 of your male partners. They are no longer your partners as partners implies equality. They are now your property. You are now their owners. Congratulations Ladies."

    The female partners in the seating let out a massive applause and then gradual made their way to the entrance to pick up their new property, their former partner.

    The show was so successful it travelled and performed 50 times per year and is still travelling now. They are converting 50,000 men per year into the property of women.

    Enjoy the show!
  4. richard

    richard Locked as usual

    May 17, 2008
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    The Chastity Naturist Clubs Trip To Brighton.

    It was a novel idea but we all met up on the naturist beach at Brighton. About 50 couples. All the men in chastity devices. We werent sure what to expect but safety in numbers I guess.

    Anyway, the large number of us seemed to attract a lot of attention from the other naturists. We had so many women approach the women in our group to ask about the devices. They all seemed to love the cock cages.

    After a few hours, something interesting started to happen. Women who had asked us questions earlier were coming back to us grinning. Their partners in tow, now wearing similar chastity devices.

    By the end of the day our group had increased from 100 to 300, the number of locked men had gone from 50 to 150. And the sex shops of Brighton had sold at least 100 cock cages.

    I cant wait for next years outing. Brighton's public naturist beach will probably be Brighton's public male chastity beach for the day.

    Why not join us next year!

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